„Es kommt nicht darauf an,
was einer mitbringt,
sondern was er daraus macht.“

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ICASSI 2018 in Bonn

51st ICASSI 2018, July 29 to August 11, Haus Venusberg, Bonn, Germany

In 1962 Rudolf Dreikurs initiated an international program, named ICASSI (the International Committee of Adlerian Summer Schools and Institutes), for training people around the world in Individual Psychology – as founded by Alfred Adler. ICASSI offers a stimulating environment in which professionals, individuals, couples and families learn within a diverse international collegial community. Following Dreikurs’ death, ICASSI became a nonprofit organization with the structure and purpose of his early summer programs. It provides unique instructions and experiential learning for professional and personal development taught by an international faculty in a different country each year.

Come take part in a tradition that is celebrating its 51st year of offering courses in Adler/Dreikurs theory and practice for psychologists, therapists, counselors, social workers, educators, managers, parents, children and youth, persons seeking professional and personal growth!

ICASSI is pleased to offer the highest standard of professional and personal development opportunities at Haus Venusberg in Bonn, Germany.

Find more information: ICASSI 2018

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