„Es kommt nicht darauf an,
was einer mitbringt,
sondern was er daraus macht.“

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Unconscious Meanings in the Workplace

2nd International conference on Work Discussion, 14-16 June, 2019, Conference Centre, University of Sussex

Work Discussion is a method of learning, teaching and research developed at the Tavistock Clinic in London from 1967. It was initially an application of psychoanalytic infant observation, giving participants opportunities to reflect on situations at work at which they are active participants, as well as attentive observers. This form of learning now has a significant presence in many locations for psychoanalytically-based learning, for example in Austria, Italy, France, Argentina, Taiwan, China and Britain. It is a practice which invites reflection on the meaning of interactions in a variety of work settings, including teaching and education, early years’ provision, nursing, mental health care, youth and community work, social work and the creative therapies.

Work Discussion is a significant element in the curriculum of several professional trainings and in the continuing development of experienced staff members, leaders and managers, including social work. It is significant in the education of psychotherapists and psychoanalytic organisational consultants. In fact, there are no obvious limits to the organisational settings for which the exploration of unconscious personal and social dynamics are not relevant.

For more information please visit: 2nd International Conference on Work Discussion

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